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Vendor Spotlight: Collected & Co.

If you follow the Minneapolis wedding scene at all on Instagram, chances are you’ve seen the work of Collected & Co. Jacqueline Johannesson and her team are at the forefront of wedding design trends here in the Twin Cities and their inventory continues to grow. Read on to learn more about the services and rental pieces Collected & Co. offers, and ogle over their beautiful designs!

Photo: Tiffany Kokal

Photo: Tiffany Kokal

Q: How long has Collected & Co. been in business, and what services do you offer?

A: Collected & Co. was started in 2012 (originally called Collected Rentals) as a vintage rental company, like most other boutique rental companies that started around the country at that time. In 2016, Collected Rentals went through a rebrand and was named Collected & Co., and started to bring in more modern rentals. 

We purchased Collected & Co. in 2017 and with the purchase of the company we brought in event planning, design and full service rentals like dining tables, dining chairs, backdrops, custom pieces and so much more!

Today Collected & Co. is a full service event production company specializing in event planning, design and rentals!

Photo: Tiffany Kokal

Photo: Tiffany Kokal

Q: Tell us about your inventory!

A: Since purchasing the company in 2017, it was very important to us that Collected & Co. stand out and offer unique rentals to our market. We have always wanted to push the boundaries of our rental offerings and offer things that are not typical to the very classic Minnesota market. 

We offer speciality rentals, so not items you will see at a big box rental shop. Our inventory consists of custom wood dining tables, specialty dining chairs, custom event backdrops, lounge rentals, decor, bars and other speciality rentals like glamping tents and custom pergolas!

We can and have designed for all types of events – classic, modern, boho, vintage-inspired and many different themed events, but we call our overall design and rental aesthetic modern traditional. Classic designs with a modern twist!


Q: What is your most-requested item?

A: We are most known for our lounge items, but our most requested item changes year by year as trends change and we get new inventory.

In 2019 our most popular sofa was the Hudson Sofa, in 2020 it was the Cloud Sofa and this year it is looking like it will be the Cloud Sofa again. 

Our most popular dining table year after year is our hairpin dining table. Last year our White Wire Chair was our most popular dining chair and this year is looking like it will be all about the Bentwood!

Our most popular custom design year after year is our Colt Display and because of this we created a whole collection off of the Colt Display to make it easier on our clients. One curated Colt Collection for their event from a backdrop and arbor to lounge items!

Photo: Chris Glenn

Photo: Chris Glenn

Q: What’s your favorite piece? 

A: Oh there are too many good pieces to just choose one! Right now we are in LOVE with the Colt Arbor and cannot wait to see it all decked out in floral this year for client’s events. We love seeing how other creatives in our industry take our pieces and make them a work of art with their florals! 

Photo: Matt Lien

Photo: Matt Lien

Q: What is your biggest piece of advice to clients when helping them with their event design and rental order?

A: To stay true to who they are and not get lost in the world of Instagram and Pinterest! Hiring a designer is one of the best things a couple can do, as what we see a lot these days is couples finding too much inspiration and trying to make it work for them when it’s not really their own design aesthetic. 

Also, don’t just go with what you are seeing right now on Instagram and Pinterest, as by the time your event happens that color or trend has a very good chance of being “overdone.”

Photo: Tiffany Kokal

Photo: Tiffany Kokal

Q: Any design trends you are seeing for 2021?

A: Trends we are seeing now in early 2021 will be a little different than later in 2021 as we are still very much focused on more intimate weddings over the raging party. One wedding trend, that came about due to needing to assign everyone a seat, that we hope stays around is pod seating! We are working with many clients who don’t want the typical wedding with everyone seated at tables, so we are incorporating pod seating with dining tables, cocktail tables with barstools and lounges throughout the venue. Nothing says a unique event like seating your girlfriends at a VIP lounge to sip champagne in all night long!

Another thing we are seeing changing is focusing on wow moments over the tablescapes which we are 100% on board with! We love to guide clients to think of the BIG moments like a killer ceremony install that can become a photo backdrop for guests during cocktail hour and then adding a neon sign for during the dance. When your guests think back on your wedding they are most likely to remember a show stopping ceiling installation over really lush table arrangements!

Photo: Perry James

Photo: Perry James

Q: What do you do in your spare time? 

A: When we are not designing and executing events we love spending time with our little girls and dog out at our family farm in Wisconsin. It’s a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the city and events to go to the middle of nowhere for some relaxing family time!

Be sure to reach out to Collected & Co. for all your wedding design and rental needs! And do it sooner rather than later to make sure the items you are dreaming about are available. 😉